TCK550 slant bed cnc lathe machine

High Quality Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine

TCK550 slant bed cnc lathe machine

TCK550 Slant bed cnc lathe machine, with Siemens 808D controller,for Russia customer.


1—Good stability

When need to process large parts generally use inclined bed or flat bed inclined rail machine tools, because the corresponding parts of medium and large machine tools are also very large, especially the turret part, the inclined rail is mainly used to overcome the gravity to have better stability to improve The accuracy of the machine tool can reflect the superiority of the oblique machine in some harsh environments.

2—Improve space utilization

The oblique body machine can effectively utilize the space and greatly reduce the plane occupying position of the machine tool.

3—-Easy to chip

The inclined rails also facilitate the concentration of iron filings on the chip conveyor for automated chip evacuation. The iron filings under cutting have high heat. Accumulating on the guide rail will cause the guide rail to be thermally deformed, which will change the working precision. In the batch automatic processing process, the workpiece will be scrapped in batches.